is the North American provider of Elysion Pro, the world’s best diode laser hair depilation system.

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Elysion Pro

Elysion Pro is the world’s best diode laser hair depilation system. It’s highly effective, ultra-safe, comfortable for clients, and profitable for owners. That adds up to a laser-bright and successful future!


The new multitreatment diode laser platform Primelase Excellence is the first and only one that guarantees a 4.800W maximum power, providing the best performance and highest profitability on the market.


Total Filter Protection uses bipolar ionization technology to proactively purify indoor air at the source of contamination. It can be integrated into a variety of systems for a wide range of applications.

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Yes, we are hiring! We are looking for excellent Sales Representatives and Sales Assistants in the following States: initially Florida and New York, then California and Texas. We will also be rolling out to the whole of the USA, so do keep in touch if you’re not in the four initial target States.

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