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The Worlds most powerful Laser Hair Removal platform

The new multitreatment diode laser platform Primelase Excellence is the first and only one that guarantees a 4.800W maximum power, providing the best performance and highest profitability on the market.

Fast and effective

Fast and effective due to the high power and the targeting of the energy to directly attack the hair follicle and destroy it.

All types of phototypes

For all phototypes and throughout the year. It's advanced technology allows it to treat all types of phototypes, even the darkest ones, all year round.


The technology of freeze by contact guarantees comfortable treatments while your skin is always protected.

No downtime

You can return to your routine immediately after the treatment.

Suitable for all skin types

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Technology & characteristics

We have created the most versatile platform that provides high precision and great results in the most requested laser treatments.

4 different wavelengths

The platform combines four different wavelengths Alex (755nm), Diode (810nm), Blend (810nm + 940nm +1060nm) and Yag (1060nm) ensuring the maximum versatility on all skin conditions.

Ultra Short Pulse

Effective USP technology (Ultra Short Pulse) with all the spot sizes. The high power of Primelase Excellence makes possible to work with the exclusive USP technology (Ultra Short Pulse). Starting from 3ms, it allows to reach the optimal temperature that destroys the hair follicle without damaging the skin.

Crystal Freeze - Comfort and Safety

High skin protection regardless of the room temperature, the treatment speed and the fluence that is used.

We’re backing the system with our Distributor's Satisfaction Guarantee: If the recommended number of treatments doesn’t produce satisfying results, we’ll cover the costs of any additional treatments which might be required.

Ultra-Fast Treatments

With twice the power of most leading high quality lasers Primelase can achieve maximum results in just 6 sessions. This extraordinary high power combined with the optimum wavelength delivers significantly greater heat down the follicle to ensure the hair does not regrow achieving permanent destruction of the treated hair and maximum results in fewer treatment sessions. Lower powered devices may heat halfway down the follicle, damaging the follicle but not achieving permanent removal.

With such high power, your clients would expect pain but with the sophisticated skin contact cooling, the surface of the skin which contains the nerve endings is kept at a constant cool 5 degrees so your clients actually don’t feel any pain.

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Developed, designed and built in Europe, with full European medical certification CE 0051, Primelase is a proven device, and already widely used.
With full FDA approval, Primelase is available in the USA, ready to ship direct from our California warehouse – so no waiting for transport from Europe, or lengthy customs clearance.



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